A novel control circuit Lantern

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG SD501E is J tie fan IC, which has the following characteristics a 7 5 ±progressive Timing: round strong, medium. Weak block touch speed; normal, natural wind and sleep wind

A novel control circuit Lantern
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three kinds of output; a set of electrical f swing. Buzzer stop crying really key people display. Lee Circle li collapse Ding is a strong fan used in weak wind speed for three lights use three colors, and three kinds of machines hit lose rl J Ka color T show three forms: a pendulum also the original power {m head piece features individually controlled auxiliary. ridge lighting, full use of the r SD501E switching. FIG simple capacitance drop H {bandit stable supply circuit electrically. When in use, press the key s5 lantern that is the boot, and can choose the color of lights. As the baby shows key s] with Taiwan so Sh realizable pair F: When the lights after a good display color sample shape exhausted initially stopped turning. That is why the choice lantern show what kind of chatter color on color. When you press the display button Sl is round display function. SD501t: will not press specifications state output, such as choosing a yellow lights, the disc so green, red turns irregular display, such as the choice for the Green Lantern color, green, red and white make sensible rules for small {, m yellow is not displayed; Again choose red, the other two state color is not silicon 7, only the red irregular blinking. When selected for display key SI decreasing function, LJ station with regular use can now declare the following functions: If you choose such as yellow lights, then started for the three color wheel was irregular, two and a half hours after the color wheel was irregular. Finally in red, until the timer expires.

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