Eggs warming control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit is shown. (1) DC power circuit power switch S3, 220v AC voltage by T Buck, UR rectifier, C3 and C4 filter, generating + 9V voltage, supply Kl drive control circuit, a b

Eggs warming control circuit
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uffer amplifier circuit and automatic over eggs. + 9V voltage also by RJ. Limiting blood pressure, and after filtering Cz vs regulator for temperature detection control circuit provides + 5V operating voltage. (z) circuit automatically turn the eggs automatically turn the eggs circuit by the resistor R.. ~ R. Potentiometer RP6, capacitance G, 6, when the base integrated circuit IC2, transistor VT3, diode VD2, relay K2, limit switches S1, S4 and trigger switch DC motor M2 components. Wherein IC2 and outer circumference RC components astable circuit fVT3 and R1l, RI., VD2, K2 and Sl composition M2 control circuit. + (3) provided VT1 temperature as a temperature sensor for detecting the temperature inside the incubator, its emitter (b, e between poles) with the voltage drop increasing temperature (temperature coefficient of - 2mV/). RP4 used to set the temperature control. Adjustment RP1 and RP2 of resistance, can change VT1 emitter voltage varies with temperature slope. (4) during operation in low ambient temperature incubation tank set RP4 dry when the temperature control, the amplifier Nl and N3 output high, so that VT2 saturated conduction, Kl pull power, and its normally open contact connected, fan motor Ml and the heater EH power work. Hatch inside when the ambient temperature exceeds the set temperature control amplifier Nl and N3 output low level, so that VT2 end. Kl release, the normally open contact is disconnected, and the heater fan motor Ml EH stop working. This process again and again, so that hatch inside temperature constant set temperature. Adjusting section RP3 and RP5 resistance, adjustable display accuracy of the temperature. In the instant power-on, since the voltage across the G mutation can not, IC2s feet and feet low, feet high output, VT3 cut stop, K2 is released, M2 does not work. Followed by G R1T, RP6 and Ru charged and the potential foot 1C2 feet and gradually rise. When the voltage across c7 charge to 6V above (approximately 2h), the inner circuit IC2 flip, pin goes low, so VT3 conduction. K2 through electric pull its normally open contact connected, so that M2 is energized to rotate through the reduction of the discharge device and pull sectional hatching eggs hatch plate to tilt in one direction, turn the eggs had completed work. Adjustment RP6 resistance, can change the automatic Ao egg time. j trigger mechanism when hatching plate tilted to an angle (about 70.) When installed on deceleration traction sheave makes Sl normally open contact connected to the normally closed contacts to open, so that the rate of the M2 supply polarity change, while S4 is turned on at the moment, so 1C2 feet inside the discharge power circuit work for, G rapid discharge, when G is less than the voltage across the 3V, IC2 the pin goes high, so VT3 deadline, K2 release, the normally open contact head off, so that M2 is stopped. Then G passed Ris, RP6 and Ris slow charging, when the voltage across the charge to G above 6V, IC2 inner circuit and flip, pin output low, the VT3 conduction, K2 pull power, and its normally open contact head is turned, so that M2 is energized to rotate by means of the discharge reduction and traction hatching eggs hatch plate in the opposite direction of tilt, turn the eggs to complete the action. When hatching plate tilted to a certain angle, the trigger mechanism is mounted on the traction sheave deceleration also allows Sl normally open contacts disconnect normally closed contact then on, so that the rate of the M2 supply polarity change, but at the same time silent turned about to be triggered so that IC2s output feet inside the discharge circuit, G rapid discharge when the voltage across the S7 lower than 3V, IC2 the pin goes high, so VT3 deadline, K2 release, which normally open contact breaking open, so that M2 and stops.

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