Electronic mousetrap power-saving circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Power-saving electronic mousetrap This example describes the usual minimal power consumption, only when the mouse enters the control zone when

Electronic mousetrap power-saving circuit
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foraging work, and then after the 30s delay fork into the wait state, it is suitable for outdoor use mousetrap. (1) Working principle of 23-11 knots electrical circuit diagram of the electronic mousetrap. VT1 ~ VT4 composed of a control circuit and related components, and its role is to enter the notification whether the mouse control system area, and alarm and control voltage generating electrical power to the road. IC, VT5 etc. alarm circuit, when a rat entered the control area, IC alarm signal by pushing VT5 speaker microphone BL sound. VT6 and the peripheral element pieces composed transmitter operating frequency 88 ~ 108MHz, launch distance of lkm above, in order to implement remote monitoring. VT7, T, etc. VD2 voltage generating circuit, the output of several hundred to several thousand volts pressure, to kill the mice enter controlled areas. When the manual switch SA is closed, the power supply to the control circuit power, then VTI-VT4 are closed, following the electrical alarm and t K is not energized high voltage circuit does not work. When the mouse enters that triggers when the equivalent of between A, B electrodes, a resistor. VT1 ~ VT4- are conduction, the relay K pull its contact K is closed, the alarm and high voltage generating power supply circuit is turned on. At the same time, the power supply to the cz charged by VT1, VT2, so that when the mice after departure triggers a relay delay about 30s closed. VT7 avoid prolonged work impaired, but also reduce the power consumption of useless. Alarm IC sent all the way through the speaker BL charcoal sound. Another way was prepared by a high-frequency oscillator consisting of VT6, and emitted outside. At the same time, the light emitting diode LED1, LED2 light. Since then the mice frightened and fled into the high-voltage triggers a t Arab was killed. Upon receipt of an alarm signal in the distance custodial staff with FM radio, to the scene in time to clear the dead rats.

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