KD-1001 produced by lantern controller

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V AC power via a resistor Rl buck, VDI rectifier, VD2 and Cl filtered output voltage of about 3V DC voltage supply manifold KD-1001 electricity. Manifold trigger terminal co

KD-1001 produced by lantern controller
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

nnected to the positive terminal of the power source to form a continuous sound and light output. Energized after, when the switch is off SB, Manifold does not work, the power supply via a resistor R2 to vs SCR gate trigger current injection, vs opened, H powered lantern lit. If the switch is closed SB, music Manifold KD-IOOI power work, manifold Q output terminal on the negative side modulation pulse rhythmically pulling vs SCR gate current, resulting in time vs time off on, lights H flashes light. So you can choose two lanterns lit with flashing light emitting state by the switch SB. When lights blinking state, connected to the audio output of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet B can issue a pleasant electronic music sound.

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