Asia ultrasonic remote control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Asia ultrasonic remote control switch This example describes using gas pressure bisulfite ultrasound flute (made of rubber, there are olive and flat round) control. When using

Asia ultrasonic remote control circuit
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ultrasound Yong Shounie about Asia flute, remote control switch that is turned on; then pinch Asia ultrasonic whistle, the switch is closed. The Asia ultrasonic remote control switch can be used to control lights, exhaust fans and some small electrical equipment. (1) The composition of the sub-circuit ultrasonic remote control switch circuit from the power circuit, sub ultrasound control circuit, flip flop and control the implementation of circuit composed of the power circuit by the fuse FU, step-down capacitor Cl, resistors Ri, rectifier diode VD1, VD2, filter capacitor C2 and Zener diode vs composition. The control circuit by a sub-sub-ultrasonic ultrasonic transducer B, transistors VT1, VT2, diode VD3, resistors R2, R3, inductor L and the electric vessel G, C5 components. By the flip-flop transistors VT3, VT4, diode VD4, VD5, resistors R4, R, and a capacitor C5, CH composition. Executed by the control circuit transistor VT5, resistors Rio, Ru, a light emitting diode LED and relay K composition. AC 220V voltage by CJ Buck, VD2 rectifier, G filter and vS regulator after VD1 and produce 9V DC voltage supply Yachao sound control circuit, flip flop and control the implementation of circuit. (2) sub-circuit principle When Yong Shounie about ultrasonic whistle, the sub-ultrasonic sensor B will receive the ultrasonic signal is converted into an electrical sub, the signal by the VT1, after VTZ amplified to trigger the flip-flop, it from one state to the other state. If the sub-pinching when no ultrasonic whistle, the flip-flop output low, the VT5 end, K is the release state. LED is not lit, output xs yuan gross output electric fishing Block J, the load (electrical equipment) does not work. When pinch dish ultrasonic whistle after the flip-flop is converted into another state, the output high, so VT5 conduction. K pull its normally open contact connected, supplies power to the load through xs, while LED lights indicating that the sub-ultrasonic remote control switch in the ON state. Then pinch a Lower ultrasonic whistle, then VT5 end, K release, voltage xs disappears, LED goes out, indicating that the remote control switch is turned off.

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