Remote-Control Analyzer Circuit

Posted on Jul 10, 2012

A schematic diagram for the remote analyzer is shown. The circuit is powered from a simple 5-V supply, consisting of PL1, SI, Tl, a bridge rectifier (comprised of D1 through D4), capacitor CI, and a common 5-V regulator, Ul. Switch SI is the on/off control and is optional. The power-supply transformer used in the prototype is a 12.6-Vac unit, but any transformer that can supply at least 5.6-Vac will do. The 12.6-V unit was used solely because of its availability. The output of Tl is full-wave rectified by diodes D1 through D4 and filtered by CI. The bumpy dc output from the capacitor is regulated down to 5 V by Ul, a 7805 integrated regulator.

Remote-Control Analyzer Circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

LED1 acts as a power indicator to let you know that the circuit is active. The 5-Vdc powers a GPIU52X infrared-detector module* (MODI), which demodulates the 40-kHz carrier used by most infrared remotes. After demodulation, the resulting logic pulses are sent to an oscilloscope via PL2, a BNC connector.

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