Tactile sensors Motor controller

Posted on Aug 11, 2012

It's basically a photovore with a couple tactile sensors. It's rather complex but can give neat behaviors with modifications to the circuit. At this point I don't have any plans to give more information on this circuit so your on your own. C1 and C2 values C1 and C2 are the capacitors that control how long each motor will reverse after the tactile sensor is triggered. Increasing the value will cause your bot to turn more after bumping an object. Decrease and it will turn less. The layout All resistors are 1M unless labeled otherwise. All capacitors are .22uF unless labeled otherwise. This circuit is more for advanced BEAMers so if your a newbie to BEAM I would recommend the iVore circuit. I may get some more info on the circuit on the web but no plans yet.

Tactile sensors Motor controller
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

In order to drive your motors you'll need to stack at least two 74AC240's on top of each other. I used two 240's to drive my cassette motors but if you still don't get enough power out of your motors with two you could stick another one on top. Battery pack 1 Just about everywhere. I used 4 AAA's on mine. N/A Motor 2 Broken electronics - walkman, cd player, pager... Or new at: Solarbotics BG Micro All Electronics Goldmine Electronics See products page Browse catalog Browse catalog Browse catalog 1M Resistor 6 Digikey 1MEBK-ND 1.5M Resistor 2 Digikey 1.5MEBK-ND 1uF Capacitor (C1 & C2) This is just a suggested size for C1 and C2. See notes for more info. 2 Digikey P2105-ND .22uF Capacitor 6 Digikey P4966-ND 74AC240 2+ Digikey 74AC240PC-ND Tactile Sensor 2 See tutorial

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