Motorcycle ignition circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Anatomy of the two ignition experiments, measuring the three normal ignition, found a common problem, and both ends of the ignition coil has a diode. Why manufacturers do this

Motorcycle ignition circuit diagram
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This ignition coil generates a negative half cycle diode voltage is short-circuited, the ignition coil will heat generated voltage drop. The autopsy carried out after a short-circuit is removed diode test comparison: speed to be at a voltage of about 200 volts, fuel door after a short circuit diode voltage drop of 60 to 70 volts. No short circuit diode voltage rises to about 260 volts. Start comparison, just feel, if there is a short circuit of the diode to turn three times, no short circuit diode half turn to lap started. I now use is to remove the short-circuit diode igniter, more than eight months, especially in winter effect is obvious good start. We have experience in this area friends to talk about their own experiences! Diodes prevent current imbalance DC magnetic field magnetic cores are produced, said one used here is inappropriate. 1, this is a soft iron core, has been in a magnetic field. 2, after starting the car, the magnetic field is varied, 3, changes in the magnetic field generating AC output. AC power supply. 4, the difference between the AC and DC power supply in there AC polarity is changing power supply, DC power supply is a constant polarity power. We DC positive polarity power supply (positive half cycle) and the DC power supply negative (negative half cycle) to analyze your AC things clear. You are talking about core magnetic field generated by the DC magnetization may be used to bring a permanent magnetic core theory so use the generator is not too suitable. If the three-phase generator is equal to note that large to three-phase power load, single-phase power should be careful not to overload, of course, three-phase power can not be overloaded.

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