1996 GL1500 modulators interfering with audio

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A power filter is a device you put ahead of something like a GPS and MP3 player and or radar detector that you have run into the Aux Circuit. But these things used properly and properly installed will take the modulator noise out of any system. If you were to observe what is happening with an oscilloscope, it would have a lot more meaning to you.

1996 GL1500 modulators interfering with audio
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Put the o`scope test lead on the headlight circuit and observe the waveform. It will be huge! Nearly a vertical square wave. Think of a toggle switch rapidly turn your headlights on/off at a rate so as to average about 70% of the DC voltage to the lights in the "modulated" cycle. IG ™ve been a motorcycle participant in several collisions with cars in my past. All of them shared the element that the driver of the car claimed, G I did not see youG . When I bought my Gold Wing, my first upgrade was a headlight modulator. I next upgraded my helmets with audio to allow rider to co-rider communication and immediately found that when the modulator was operating, there was a terribly annoying clicking noise on the intercom. The manufacturer was totally uninterested in exploring a solution and claimed that my experience was the first theyG ™d ever heard of audio problems associated with modulator use. The manufacturerG ™s only guidance was that the Gold Wing must have a faulty audio/intercom design, and the best way to overcome this weakness would be to put a really big capacitor on the power source to the audio system. They made it clear that any follow up on my problem would be under the condition of G fee for serviceG . If I ever buy another headlight modulator, I will consider other manufacturers first! I explored the situation with folks at J&M where I purchased my helmet audio. I spoke with manufacturers of other...

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