20- 40W electronic ballast principle and maintenance

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The shortcoming of the inductive ballast is that volume and weight are larger, one`s own power consumption is great, there are noises. The electronic ballast has low-voltage starter, non-stroboscopic, has no noise, energy-efficient, immediate advantage in the lighting twinkling of an eye, so the electronic ballast has broader development space. Th

20- 40W electronic ballast principle and maintenance
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is circuit is commutated smoothing circuit, power switch and driving circuit, ballast and filament load loop three part to make up. Make up the function of each component of the circuit as follows: The kenotron VD1 makes up the smoothing circuit of the bridge rectifier VD4, filter capacitor C1, C2 series connection, function to receive the intersection of idler and direct-current volts of 310V in C1, the intersection of C2 and both ends after commutating and filtering the intersection of 220V and alternating current, offer the working power for postern high-frequency inverter circuit. The resistance R1, R6 arises and shakes the resistance, original for VT2 turns on and offers biasing, thus stimulate VT1, VT2 and form self-excited oscillation. Resistance R1 and electric capacity C3 make up and step down the starting circuit in parallel at the same time, can reduce the losses that over voltage brings to a certain extent. In order to guarantee the electric capacity C3 reliable operation, its withstand voltage value should choose to be greater than the mains voltage of twice, C3 withstand voltage value is 630V. Diode D5 and D6, its function is to protect the triode VT1, VT2, connecting in parallel can weaken the memory effect of electric charge greatly between triode base electrode and emitter, thus improve the switch speed of the triode. The voltage transformer T plays a mutual inductance coupling of signal role. It to wind by...

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