24VDC-220VDC vehicle carried switching power supply based on inverter circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the increase of the modern electrical equipment kind for vehicle, the increase of the power level, there are more and more patterns of power needed, including AC supply and direct current power supply. The power needs to adopt the switch converter the direct-current volts of 12VDC or 24VDC that the storage battery will be offered will be prom

24VDC-220VDC vehicle carried switching power supply based on inverter circuit
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oted as 220VDC or 240VDC through DC-DC converter, the final-stage is changed into the AC supply or frequency conversion voltage adjustable power source of mains frequency through DC-AC converter again. As to the preceding stage DC-DC converter, include again high-frequency DC-AC reverses some, high-frequency voltage transformer and AC-DC and commutates the part, different associations meet different power levels of output, it is different to vary the characteristic to some extent too. The inverter circuit of push pull is simple in construction with it, the higher advantage of utilization factor of magnetic core of voltage transformer is used widely, especially the middle low power occasion in great current input of undervoltage; Full bridge rectifier have the intersection of voltage and high supporting the intersection of output power and great characteristic utilization factor too at the same time, so a literary grace is reversed with the push pull the high-frequency voltage transformer full-bridge commutates the scheme, design 24VDC input the intersection of 220VDC and output, specified the intersection of output power and the intersection of DC-DC and converter of 600W, and adopt AP law to design the corresponding push pull voltage transformer. Fig. 1 provides the push pull to reverse high-frequency voltage transformation basic circuit topology that the full-bridge commutated DC-DC converter. Through controlling two gas...

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