99 suburban tail lights don t work others work fine

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Turn signals work, hazard lights work, stop lights work, head lights work. Tail lights don`t work with the headlights. I looked at the bulbs and they appeared fine. I switched the taillight bulb with the turn signal bulb and it work in the turn signal spot. I did this for both sides. I assume you mean when I turn the headlight switch to the firstposition to get parking lights.

99 suburban tail lights don t work others work fine
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They don`t work. The headlights work and the high beams work. What I would do is check the fuse with a test light or multimeter to see if power is coming into and going out of that fuse. If that is OK, it would be time to check the pins on the headlight switch to see if it is working. That would be the next suspect. But I could not say without testing. I would recommend that you get a cheap test light or meter (they are only $5-$10) and make sure power is making it into the switch (at pin H of the schematic) and then comes out when the switch is turned on (pin S of the schematic). I really think it`s the switch. I looked it up online and found that the switch assy is available at the local parts store. I will buy it and see if the new one works. If it doesn`t, I`ll simply take it back. I`m almost positive this will work. Did you place the jumper wire between the two pins I mentioned above, as a test, before replacing the switch Did you get a test light or multimeter to do some testing It turned out to be the fuse. #9 as you said before. I really don`t get it, because I checked them. I was jumpering across the connector like you said and got no lights, which means it`s not the fuse. Then I tried jumpering across other parts on the connector, like an idiot and heard a small pop. I rechecked the fuse and found it blown. I replace the fuse and all now works. Go figure. Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you`ve got a quick question, you...

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