ADEV Development System

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The ADEV Development System consists of the ATAR Target Module and the ADEV Test/Programming Module. The ATAR Target Module and the ADEV Test/Programming Module, together with development tools from Silicon Laboraties, Inc. (SL), can be used to develop custom applications for C8051F300 and C8051T600 processors (300 and 600 chips). Throughout the r

ADEV Development System
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emainder of this documentation, the term "ATAR" refers to the ATAR Module and the term "ADEV" refers to the ADEV Test/Programming Module. The term "AGEN" refers to an ATAR Target Module populated and programmed to provide an audio test and generator module (see AGEN Module ). The development system was originally designed to develop code for the AGEN (Audio GENerator) Module described elsewhere in this documentation. The ADEV system is primarily intended for users who want to develop custom firmware for 300 and 600 chips. But, the system can also be used to upgrade or change the firmware on an AGEN audio generator module. The ATAR Module provides an on-board regulator, a reset circuit and a general-purpose resistor/capacitor (RC) network (on the bottom of the board). All chip pins and regulated power are brought out to two single-row pin headers that are tenth-inch spaced to facilitate easy mounting and breadboarding. Thus, the ATAR is suitable for projects that require a "ready to use" processor module that supports chip features such as eight I/O pin, an A/D converter, a pulse width modulator, timers and a Programmable Counter Array (PCA). The ATAR Target Module consists of a target board (labeled "AGEN") populated with either a 300 or a 600 chip. These chips are both available in 14-pin SOIC packages and are pin-compatible. The 600 chip is a One Time Programmable (OTP) version of the 300 chip, but it does not support an...

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