Adopt the two-dimentional bar-code scanner of DSP56F826 chip to introduce systematically

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The system regards DSP56F826 chip as the key control module, uses the sensory chip of CMOS digital image, reachable 640* 480 picture element of definition that the picture is gathered. When needing the vision which carries on the high-resolution to be gathered, can use the chip cost will thereupon increase of 1024* 1024 picture element instead. D

Adopt the two-dimentional bar-code scanner of DSP56F826 chip to introduce systematically
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ecipher reliability is high. The bit error rate got at present does not exceed 1/60, 000, and is updating, expect the bit error rate not to exceed 1/20 million. Adopt RS-232 communication interface, upload the two-dimentional bar code information obtained to the display processing of the computer in real time. The grade of error correction reaches 8 grades, correction capability is strong. Two-dimentional bar-code scanner system block diagram such as Fig. 1 Shown. The sensory chip of CMOS picture is a photoelectric transition element, use and gather the two-dimentional bar code picture, direct output is a digital signal. Expanded SRAM by the outside and stored this data, and then send DSP, carry on image manipulation, one yard of word division, one yard of word recognition, signal error correction, etc. , after the recognition of a series of two-dimentional bar code information is finished, serve the I/O interface of program control and provide and stop applying for signals, DSP responds to this and stops applying, enters the interrupt service routine. The two-dimentional bar code data after the decipher are conveyed from I/O mouth to the computer by SCI RS-232, and reveal on the screen. Software program and PDF417 codebook are all stored in FLASH in DSP chip, and the two-dimentional bar code image data gathered dynamically is stored in SRAM. The system hardware circuit is mainly composed of seven parts: The bar code vision...

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