Analog Filters for Data Conversion

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

the input signal is processed with an electronic low-pass filter to remove all frequencies above the Nyquist frequency (one-half the sampling rate). This is done to prevent aliasing during sampling, and is correspondingly called an antialias filter. On the other end, the digitized signal is passed through a digital-to-analog converter and another

Analog Filters for Data Conversion
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low-pass filter set to the Nyquist frequency. This output filter is called a reconstruction filter, and may include the previously described frequency boost. Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with this simple model: the limitations of electronic filters can be as bad as the problems they are trying to prevent. If your main interest is in software, you are probably thinking that you don`t need to read this section. Wrong! Even if you have vowed never to touch an oscilloscope, an understanding of the properties of analog filters is important for successful DSP. First, the characteristics of every digitized signal you encounter will depend on what type of antialias filter was used when it was acquired. If you don`t understand the nature of the antialias filter, you cannot understand the nature of the digital signal. Second, the future of DSP is to replace hardware with software. For example, the multirate techniques presented later in this chapter reduce the need for antialias and reconstruction filters by fancy software tricks. If you don`t understand the hardware, you cannot design software to replace it. Third, much of DSP is related to digital filter design. A common strategy is to start with an equivalent analog filter, and convert it into software. Later chapters assume you have a basic knowledge of analog filter techniques. Three types of analog filters are commonly used: Chebyshev, Butterworth, and Bessel (also...

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