Audio and amplifier circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

60-Hz, This high-Q notch filter is based on the `Twin-T` design. It produces a very deep notch in the response curve at about 59. 7 Hz. This is useful to remove 60-Hz hum and noise from audio recordings or live performances. Response is down over -60db at the center point, pdf file 8 Note Tune Player This neat little circuit can

Audio and amplifier circuits
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play 8 note tunes at any speed you want. You select the notes with 8 trim pots. The speed in selected through a ninth pot Adjustable 60Hz Filter On this page three adjustable notch filters configurations are shown. They can be used in your small pre-amp or amplifier project to filter out any HUM at 50 Hz ( European ) or 60Hz Audio amplifier output relay delay the purpose of this circuit is to control the relay which turns on the speaker output relay in the audio amplifier. The idea of the circuit is wait around 5 seconds ofter the power up until the spakers are switched to the amplfier output to avoid annoying "thump" sound from the speakers Audio circuits audio circuits, 2 Watt Amplifier A low distortion amplifier using discrete components, ECM Mic Preamplifier A high quality preamp for electret mic inserts, Tone Controls, Stereo Line Driver, TDA2030 8 Watt amplifier, Audio Notch Filter For audio frequencies 100Hz - 10KHz, 6 Input Mixer 3 Mic inputs, 3 Line Inputs, Hi-Fi Pramplifier, Peak Reading Audio Level Meter, Doorphone Intercom Music to light modulator A music-to-light modulator is a circuit which controls the intensity of one or more lights in response to an audio input, MOC3021, pdf file Siren circuit Emergency Siren Simulator, The heart of the circuit is the two transistor flasher with frequency modulation applied to the base of the first transistor, .

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