Because of messengers detection gear conceptual design of PICl6F628A one-chip computer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This device is based on PICl6F628A one-chip computer, adopt one pair and receive and dispatch the independent ultrasonic transducer, utilize the Doppler effect, can detect in certain space whether someone enters effectively, and can output the switch of the lighting equipment of signal control. Can use supersonic wave the very convenient one to carry on valid survey to the inner body in motion

Because of messengers detection gear conceptual design of PICl6F628A one-chip computer
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of certain space, convenient to have installation, survey the effectual characteristic. This text introduces the detection gear of a kind of messenger utilizing ultrasonic Doppler effect to be designed. This design uses PICl6F628A one-chip computer, improve the ultrasonic sounding hardware circuit used in the past, utilize programming of software to survey messenger`s situation effectively, then the switch of the output control signal control illuminator. When there is relative motion between sound source and acoustic wave receivering, the signal frequency that the acoustic wave receiver receives will be different from travelling sound of wave frequency, the deficiency of frequency relates to relative movement velocity between sound source and receiver, this is that the Doppler effect causes. Design, adopt ultrasonic sender and receiver towards immobilize with the direction originally, when there are obstacle objects to move towards or keep away from the two and move, the relative motion exists between obstacle surface sound source and receiver of mirror image formed toward reflection effect of the acoustic wave to can be regarded as, can utilize the Doppler effect too, judge whether someone moves in the detection range according to signal that the receiver receive. This device has launching and echo microphone of supersonic wave at the same time, it is convenient to install while using. The positive maximum detectable...

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