Bit Bender

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The user selects a game to play and presses the power button on the Nintendo. 1 or 2 player games may be selected. Once the game has loaded, using the game controller allows for standard game play. As long as the viewer only touches the joystick and buttons the game will function normally. 2. A complex sound pattern is generated by the synth and b

 Bit Bender
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roadcast from a nearby amplifier. Characteristics such as rate and pitch or the entire kind of effect change as more pads are pressed the pressure on each pad changes. 3. The video becomes severely distorted. The kinds of distortion are determined by the pads being pressed as well as pressure applied. The distortion patters are controlled by the synth oscillators. Therefore what the user hears is also what they see. My goal was to create a hybrid of differing kinds of interaction in order to explore a new form of music and performance. It incorporates electronic sound generation, video modulation controlled by the sound, is built around a gaming system and is intended to be installed in a public venue which introduces a strong social component to all of the aspects. Most importantly I want the experience to be intriguing and inspiring for the user. The key to successful installation and also experimental musical interfaces is to steer the user to a favorable outcome but also let them explore and come up with personal results. It is important to make the interface as easy to access as possible but to then offer a depth of control for those who wish to delve deeper. The pressure sensitive touch interface does this perfectly. It is incredibly easy to use but can also be extremely subtle. As a musical interface I am interested in how the conventions of gaming translate into the relative timing and flow of musical output. For...

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