Brief introduction of circuit diagram of the inverter and principle

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The inverter is kinds of direct currents can battery, storage battery Change into alternating current generally 220 volts of 50HZ sine waves or rectangular waves Device. Our common emergency power supply, 220V exchange to generally all invert the direct current bottle. Come briefly and say, the inverter is that one kind turns direct current into e

Brief introduction of circuit diagram of the inverter and principle
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xchanging the electric device. No matter in the remote mountain village, either open-air need or the black out meets an urgent need, the inverter is a very good choice. The more common one is UPS power which will be used in computer lab, in the unexpected black out, UPS can invert and exchange and is used as computer the direct current of Reed of storage battery, thus prevent the data caused by unexpected deenergization from losing the question. Can the at a stretch offer the power, have sure safe reliability, stability. The inverter can also be with the corollary use of the generator, Yes the economy of fuel, reduction noise effectively, in the fields of wind energy, solar energy, the inverter is more essential. Small-scale inverter usable car, steamer, portable power supply equipment offer the AC supply outdoors. This text will introduce two kinds of simpler inverter schematic diagrams. This kind of design, the material is apt to fetch, output power 150W, this circuit designs frequency as about 300HZ, the purpose is narrowing and reversing the volume, weight, output waveform rectangular wave of the voltage transformer. The family lights when this inverter can be used in the black out, the daylight lamp of the electronic ballast, other respects such as the household electrical appliance of switching power supply. This inverter is comparatively apt to make, can go against 12V direct-flow mains voltage to turn into the...

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