Catmans Litterbox

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Both versions have the schematic attached. However, the resolution of the schematic isn`t that great. I would recommend saving the image above or downloading it from HERE to ensure you can see everything accurately. There isn`t an easy way to shield yourself from x-ray scanning, but you can build an inexpensive detector to notify you of an x-ray s

Catmans Litterbox
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ource operating in the area. Zinc Sulfide is the stuff that makes the ghostly green glow in the dark products that activate after being exposed to light. It also glows when exposed to x-rays and gamma rays. After it is good and dry use electrical tape or shrink wrap to cover the detector on the photo transistor. Visible light will not penetrate and activate the device if the detector is completely covered. X-rays and gamma rays will and they will cause the ZnS powder to glow, thus activating the photo transistor. To test your device, bring it near an old tube style television. The older the better, especially if it is black and white. TVs using a Cathode Ray Tube emit x-rays, the older TVs more than the newer ones. You could also use a CRT style computer monitor. VR1 in the circuit adjusts circuit sensitivity, so you may need to adjust it. Ideally, you want it as sensitive as possible. Janet Napolitano oversees what is equal to the worst elements Wehrmacht Germany ever produced. Homeland Security has increased its reach and depth to nearly every part of what was once a free America. Now she seeks to bug websites, social networking sites, your text messages, your phone calls, your e-mails and anything else she can get her filthy paws on. They want to force encryption program authors to include back doors. This generator is suitable for use as a wind generator or as a hydro generator. Both uses are covered in this in-depth...

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