Circuits Diagram: Simple 40W inverter

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is the schematic of a simple 40W, 12 to 220 V inverter. You don`t believe, this is simple and cheap and working for me for last 4 years. The heart of the circuit is a CD 4047 IC which is wired as an astable multi vibrator here. Resistance and Capacitance at pin 1&2 determines the out put frequency. Here it is set to 60Hz. Due to this a two 180 de

Circuits Diagram: Simple 40W inverter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

gree out of phase, 120 Hz, 50% dutycycle waveforms will appear at pin 10 & 11. These waves are amplified by the complementary symmetry amplifier made of transistors BC 337 & TIP 3055 to drive the out put transformer. Don`t get feared of the technical terms, just wire it on a all purpose PCB. It is simple and will work. Don`t worry about the transformer windings, buy a 220-110-0 primary, 12-0-12 secondary, <50W transformer. You can select output voltage of 110V or 220V by a two way switch using such a tranformer. Don`t worry if you don`t have such a transformer, a simple 220 to 12-0-12 will also do the trick sacrificing the 110V option or vice versa. The best way to get a transformer is to break all useless electronic devices in your trash. Most probably you will find the transformer or more components needed here! First wire to oscillator part only. Then check out put Pin 10 &11 of CD4047 to obtain the required wave forms ( two 120Hz, 180 degree out of phase, 50% duty cycle waves.

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