DECUS Documentation

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The following describes the design, construction, operation and use of the DECUS divider module. Photo 2 shows a top view of the module and Photo 3 shows the bottom. The primary use of the module is to condition the 10 megahertz (MHz) signal from a rubidium oscillator such as the LPRO-101 or FRS-C units manufactured by EFRATOM Ball, Inc. The DECUS

DECUS Documentation
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module divides the 10 MHz output from these units to produce marker signals at various frequencies. If you require a multiplied frequency output in addition to the decade divisor, you may be interested in the DECL module. If you have a FE-5680 rubidium reference, you may be interested in the FEBO module. The module`s conditioning circuit and divider chip can also be used for other applications requiring signal conditioning and dividing, but this usage is outside the scope of this document. The schematic shows the components, circuitry and some operational restrictions for the module. The Parts List provides additional information about the components used to assemble the module. photo 2, the module measures approximately 1 1/4 by 7/8 inches (32 by 23 mm). Signal connections are provided on two 12-pin single row pin headers. The header connections are labeled "A" to "X" for easy reference. Header pins are spaced one tenth of an inch apart and the header rows are spaced 0. 6 inch apart. This allows the module to be used with in-line sockets or wired directly to a protoboard. outputs, ranging from one Hertz to one megahertz. The module also provides three ten megahertz buffered outputs for driving time base inputs of test equipment. Two buffer gates are uncommitted to allow any two of the outputs to be buffered or to allow buffering of an external signal (e. g. , a lock indicator for an LPRO or FRS output). Divider outputs...

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