DIY Homemade Power Pulse Controller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The circuit is great for controlling the power delivered to a device such as a fan, LED`s or even transformers and coils. By adjusting the pulse width you can easily control the speed of a fan without sacrificing torque. This particular transistor, the IRF740 is rated up to 400V and can switch around 10A which makes it quite useful for power switc

DIY Homemade Power Pulse Controller
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hing in inductive loads. The circuit will run from a 6V - 12V DC supply and the output can be made as `open collector` for higher voltage switching. This circuit diagram shows the load (coil, motor etc) connected to the same supply as the rest of the circuit for simplicity. If you need to switch a higher voltage, the +ve connector of the load can simply be connected to an external supply. If the circuit is to be used with inductive loads a small capacitor should be connected across the load These are often already fitted on small DC motors. An additional component such as a varistor or `freewheel diode` is also recommended if the pulse generator is driving high voltage flyback transformers like ignition coils. The two potentiometers VR1 and VR2 are used for controlling the frequency and duty cycle of the output. VR1 adjusts the rate at which C1 is charged for modifying frequency, while VR2 acts as a potential divider allowing a specific voltage to be put on the inverting input of IC2. This voltage is used to control the pulse width of the output. The output duty cycle or pulse width of the device can also be controlled by an external voltage such as a microcontrollers or analog signal. The analog voltage source can simply be connected to the inverting input instead of the output from VR2. We have a few of these pulse generators designed for use with high voltage transformers which available on the cyber circuits page. These...

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