DZW75-48/5050II input circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

220V (5Hz) alternating voltagepass Z1 circuit filter filtering, then it will send to the connect point of AC over voltage, under voltage protect relay K2. When normal working, K2 connect point should up-close, connect AC 220V voltage to AC current-limiting resistance R4 (after starting up, delay period of time, R1 is short-circuit by K1 connec

DZW75-48/5050II input circuit
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t point), send to power frequency bridge rectifier rectifying, get DC 300V output voltage through parallel connection condenser bank smoothed filtering, finish power frequency AC/DV transform. R2 is leak resistance. (2) Z1 circuit filter is used for suppressing and absorbing obstruction of strong pulse to rectifier on electric network, increasing the reliability of rectifier. At the same time, the good common mode and difference module insertion loss of circuit filter can effectively inhibit inverted output high frequency interfering signal generated by high frequency switching converter, it canisolate rectifier and electric fence, avoid mutual interference. (3) AC over voltage, under voltage protection circuit, AC 220V voltage sended to reducing transformer after through circuit filter filtering. (4)AC current limiting delay circuit, AC voltage can switch-in machine in normal work range, build time at auxiliary power supply after AC power supply switch-in, andby a period of time delay after auxiliary power supply build, it can make AC current-limiting resistance short-circuit, this period time is AC current limiting delay, it is finish by AC current limiting delay circuit.

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