Dark and Light Activated Relay

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The potensiometer adjust the trigger on` level. The diode in the circuit diagram shows to be 1N914. This is ok if you have a light-duty relay, also the 1N914 is a signal diode so actually does not qualify. Use a 1N4001 (or better) instead. A couple of substitutes for the 2N2222 transistor are: NTE123A, ECG123A, PN100, etc. Tags: 1N914, 2N2222, dar

Dark and Light Activated Relay
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k activated switch circuit, dark sensor, ECG123A, light activated relay, light activated relay circuit, light activated switch, light activated switch circuit, light sensor, NTE123A, photoresistor, PN100, This is the circuit diagram of staircase light with automatic switch off. It based on timer which is can be adjusted with the needs of the time of walking (climbing up and going down) on the staircase. We have been all acquainted with all the electrical wiring design that joins an electrical bulb with two. How this sound activated light works: The condenser microphone fitted inside a position to catch the sound and generates AC signals, which pass by means of DC blocking capacitor C1 for the base of transistor BC549 (T1). Transistor T1 as well as transistor T2 amplifies the sound signals and delivers current pulses within the collector. This is the circuit diagram of a voice operated relay. It similar with sound activation switch circuit which will turn on and turn off (connect and disconnect) the switch depending on the sound input. The output switch of this circuit is act by a relay. Component Parts list: R1, R7 1K R2, R4, R8 10K. The schematic diagram shown right here is the automatic switching-on emergency light circuit which is controlled using IC. The most important capabilities of this circuit are: automatic switching-on of the light on main power failure and battery charger with overcharge protection. When mains...

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