Dc to Dc converter using 555 Timer IC

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

When the power supply input to IC1 is the output pin 3 at a frequency of 1 kHz. The frequency is Q1 and Q2, which will continue to use push pool work interchangeably. If this is the positive output signal Q1 Q2 will run the delete function this reason, C2 and C3 capacitors are half-wave alternating. This US police siren schematic circuit is based on

Dc to Dc converter using 555 Timer IC
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the 555 multivibrator. To built this US siren circuit we can use two 555 IC`s or one 556 IC which contain two 555 chips in one package. Synchronously with the siren sound a lamp will flash. The siren circuit is capable to drive loads with greater than 1 A current consumption for one or more lamps or a powerful loudspeaker. The first timer is configured to supply a rectangular signal of about 2 Hz at pin 9. The lamp is switched on and off by way of power transistor. The second 555 is configured to supply a square wave at pin 5 that drives the loudspeaker. The loudspeaker of the siren must have a value between 8 and 32 ohms. Using electronic diagram below can be made a very simple water softener. This 555 timer circuit water softener is based on a theory that says that an electromagnetic field or electrical cause small crystals of calcium carbonate in water to join together, forming larger crystals. The circuit below illustrates using a 10x10 matrix to sequence up to 100 LEDs with just three ICs and 20 transistors. The two 4017 decade counters control the 10 rows and 10 columns so that one LED is selected depending on the output of the decade counters. For example, to expand the circuit to 60 LEDs for displaying minutes or seconds of a clock, the rows counter could be reset from pin 12 (carry out) rather than pin 1 as shown, and the columns counter will be reset from pin 5 rather than pin 1 as shown. And then add transistors...

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