Discuss the design of the direct current stream source of numerical control and realize simply

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It uses good stability, precision to be high outputting the direct current stream source that can be presetted often in electronic device. The numerical control direct current stream source that this text designs can well lower the output error caused because of reasons such as components and parts wearing out, temp drift, etc. , output current is at 20mA-2000mA adjustable, it can preset, have output current

Discuss the design of the direct current stream source of numerical control and realize simply
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 Functions such as step-by-step adjustment, output current signal but direct display and voice prompt, etc. The hardware circuit adopts and insults the open one-chip computer SPCE061A in order to control the core, utilizes the close cycle control principle, add the backfeed loop, make the whole circuit form a closed loop, mainly make use of PID algorithm to realize the accuracy control to the output current in software. This system reliability is high, small and operating simple and convenient, man-machine interface friendship. Originally design adopting the one-chip computer as the main control unit, is presetted the current value of the output and adopts the module real-time display of the liquid crystal through the keyboard. The whole system hardware part is made up of module such as microcontroller, voltage electric current changing, keyboard, revealing, direct-flow stabilized voltage supply and voice prompt. The system makes up the block diagram and is shown as in Fig. 1. The microcontroller is a core of the overall system, are responsible for the operation of the overall system. In order to realize that it is stable and reliable, easy to realize the coordination in functions such as pronunciation reporting, keyboard setting up and real-time display of information, etc. to simplify circuit of the hardware, system performance, after proving through many kinds of schemes, the microcontroller chooses SPCE061A which...

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