Duplexing wireless series transmission scheme of the one-chip computer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

We know, the maximum coverage of RSR232 serial port Transport Protocol is 10M, and the wire transmission, this needs remote transmission control to bring very great inconvenience for some. According to the needs of subject, we have designed one kind because of ultrahigh frequency above 300M Wireless for transmission method, connect result of

Duplexing wireless series transmission scheme of the one-chip computer
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uses actual with fine, can general transmission and controllings satisfied, can be used in computer, one-chip computer dispatch control field. Require higher occasion as to the bit error rate, propose adopting CRC code to reduce the bit error rate. There are amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation in the common simulation modulation mode, the common digital modulation method has frequency shift keying, amplitude shift keying, etc. OOK modulation mode although the characteristic is discrepancy, it is easy for the circuit to realize briefly, have steady operation, used in wireless guarding against theft and security personnel field extensively. Such as the car, motorcycle alarm equipment, the warehouse gate, and in family`s security system, mostly use this type circuit. See Fig. 1 What the Er early projector used is LC resonator, but this circuit is influenced by distribution parameter too big, creep is comparatively serious, stability is not good, and it is complicated to debug, has not basically used now. Fetch and treat new device of high stability, a common one have saw filters, ceramic resonator, etc. It is very extensive to apply the saw filter in high-frequency telecommunications. This kind of electric-wave filter is small, light, what center frequency can be made is very high, the relative bandwidth is relatively wide, have frequency-selecting characteristic of the rectangular coefficient of...

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