EE-8 Field Telephone

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

One is in a leather bag and is model EE-8-A. One or more is in a canvas bag and is EE-8-B. All have handsets with the butterfly push-to-talk lever. The -B model does have an original handset and cord. These have been tested in both LB and CB modes and work fine. I replaced the handsets with TS-13`s from Fair Radio summer 2008 because the transmitter elements for the other

EE-8 Field Telephone
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kinds of handsets were too hard to get. Fair Radio had said that they didn`t have the handsets, but they aren`t really sure what they have until they go rummaging around. If you don`t find it on their web site, call them on the phone. Regarding differences in the models EE-8, EE-8A and EE8-B, the first two are on an aluminum chassis and the B model is steel. There are three variations in the magneto (GN-38) but all appear to be interchangeable. The capacitors used in the different versions are approximately the same electrical values but some are multi-section capacitors in one case and earlier ones use discrete capacitors. These differences in the magneto and capacitors can readily be seen in these two images from the manual of the EE-8 and the EE-8-B. There is a smaller terminal located next to the two used to connect the phone line. It is the battery negative terminal and can be used with an external 3 volt battery, such as a pair of No. 6 dry cells instead of the internal two D cells. The battery positive is the handset terminal located farthest from the line terminals, labeled T&BAT+. The recommended distance between phones depends entirely on what type of wire is used. The maximum for a point-to-point circuit on type 104 open copper wire is 360 miles. An interesting characteristic is that you can actually crank the magneto and ring the other phones while the handset is on-line or talking. On the oak wall phones, if...

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