Electro harmonix graphic equalizer circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is the diagram od electro-harmonix graphic equalizer. You can specify the number of channels according to your needs. You just need to parallel the components: C1, C2, R1, an om-amp, Potensiometer and a 470 ohm resistor. The frequency to be boost decided by C1, C2 and R1. See the diagram for the C1, C2. This is the circuit diagram of Electro

Electro harmonix graphic equalizer circuit
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-Harmonix Soul Preacher pedal. Notes: -All resistors are carbon film, 1/4W, 5%, unless otherwise noted -All non-polarized capacitors are mylar, 50V, 10%, unless otherwise noted -Transistors Q1-4 and FET J1 are unknown -IC1 is a 4558 Download Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher pedal circuit diagram in PDF file: » Download Link This is the electro harmonix fuzz-wah guitar effect pedal circuit diagram. Circuit Notes: Q1 & Q2 are 2n3565 Fuzz bypass S1 has been improved to provide true bypass S3 chooses volume or wah-wah S5 provides for sweep reverse S2 gives just fuzz, just wah-wah / volume, or fuzz into wah-wah / volume S4 sets tone. The following diagram is the schematic diagram of electric guitar effect: Electro Harmonix (EH) Big Muff Pi. The EH Big Muff Pi would probably be better making the change by a modern input-jack power and a DPDT bypass switch. The types of transistors and diodes are unknown. It is likely that any high gain NPN. This is the schematic diagram of Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser guitar effect pedal. The Small Stone is somewhat special in applying Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTA`s) for phase shift stages rather of opamps with variable resistors. All of the IC`s are house marked EH1048, but could be replaced with CA3094 that is a combination of an.

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