FM wireless transmitters

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

FM Broadcast Audio Transmitter The circuit consists of a frequency modulated oscillator, an audio preamplifier with pre emphasis to supply the frequency modulating signal, and a buffer amplifier to drive the antenna connector FM radio pirate Introduction to Community Radio Electronics, A Design for a 40W broadband VHF RF Power Amplifier for FM bro

FM wireless transmitters
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adcast, How to make an Weatherproof Vertically Polarised Omnidirectional Aerial FM Remote Speaker System A high quality, noise free, wireless FM transmitter/receiver may be made using the LM566 VCO and LM565 PLL Detector. The LM566 VCO is used to convert the program material into FM format, which is then transformer coupled to standard power lines. At the receiver end the material is detected from the power lines and demodulated by the LM565, pdf file FM Telephone Bug a simple transmitter that when connected to a phone line, will transmit anything on that line (execpt the dial tone) to any FM radio. The frequency can be tuned from 88 to about 94Mhz and the range is about 200 feet PLL bug transmitter the frequency of this transmitter is PLL controlled which makes it very stable. The frequency is programmed in digitally way and can be changed very easy. Frequency range is about 50 to 150 MHz and the output power 100mW Portable FM transmitter 1 W This small FM transmitter includes a limiter, a microphone amplifier and a PLL digital tuning. All the parts are placed on one circuit board. The RF power is switchable between 1 W (HI) and 0, 2 W (LO) Stereo FM Transmitter This new stereo FM Micromitter is capable of broadcasting good quality signals over a range of about 20 metres. It`s ideal for broadcasting music from a CD player or from any other source so that it can be picked up in another location Voice Activated FM...

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