Flasher and Fader LED Circuit Using IC 555

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The astable multivibrator mode is the most fundamental mode of operation of the IC 555. In this mode it basically functions like a free running oscillator. If this oscillator rate is reduced sufficiently, can be used for driving LED lights. The wiring at the output can also be further modified for achieving interesting variations and light ill

Flasher and Fader LED Circuit Using IC 555
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umination patterns over the connected LED. Some of the practical ways of this is explained here, circuits diagrams of LED flasher, ghost effect generator, alternate blinker, light fader etc are also included. The article explains a few interesting and simple LED blinker circuit configurations using the ubiquitous IC 555. The basic flashing mode has been kept intact yet various different attributions are provided to the circuit with its flashing rate and pattern. The IC 555 is a complete package for the hobbyists. You can build numerous interesting circuits with this chip and make it to work as virtually any way you desire. Though the circuit provides us with many application ranges, flashers configurations are more commonly associated with these chips. These can be made to blink all types of lights at different rates depending upon individual preferences. You can flash LEDs, torch bulbs, string lights or even mains AC lamps with circuits incorporating this IC. Basically, to configure the IC as a flasher or blinker, it`s connected with its fundamental astable mutivibrator mode. This configuration in fact requires just a couple of resistors and a couple capacitors to kick start the said functions. Once the chip is assembled as an astable, we can go ahead and enhance the output in many different ways to get outstanding visual treats. Let`s learn how a few fabulous IC 555 circuits with LED can be built with the following...

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