Fm-transmitter 6

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Here`s a single chip FM transmitter circuit using Maxim semiconductors IC MAX2606. The MAX2606 is a compact, high-performance intermediate frequency VCO specially designed for wireless communication circuits. They have monolithic construction with low-noise and a low-power operation in a compact 6-pin SOT23 packing. Th1s low-noise IC feature an on

Fm-transmitter 6
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-chip varicap diode and feedback capacitances that avoid the need for external tuning components, making the MAX2606 perfect for portable systems. Only an external inductor is needed to set the oscillation frequency. In addition to this, an integrated differential output buffer is also there for driving a mixer or prescaler. The MAX2606 can be operated from a single +2. 8 V to +5. 4V supply and consumes very less current. The chip can be operated from 45MHz to 650MHz. In the circuit the nominal frequency is set to 100 Mhz by inductor L1, (390nH). The left and right channel audio signals from your source are added by R3 and R4, and attenuated by the POT R2. R2 can be used as a volume control. POT R1 can be used to select a channel of transmission between 88Mhz and 108Mhz. Use 80 cm long wire as the antenna This could be the simplest FM transmitter circuit you can find on the internet. Only using a single transistor and few passive components, this transmitter can deliver signals up to 50 meters. The transistor Q1 serves as the modulator as well as oscillator. Capacitor C2 and inductor L1 forms the necessary tank circuit for making oscillation. The voice to be transmitted is coupled to the base of Q1 using an electret microphone. The FM signal available at the collector of Q1 is radiated using the antenna Here is the circuit diagram of an FM transmitter using the IC UPC1651. UPC1651 is a wide band UHF Silicon MMIC amplifier....

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