GSM Voice Dialer with Automation Control

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Connected to a burglar alarm or fire alarm in the event of making phone calls playing voice messages. Controlled via DTMF actuators can operate on the spot. In recent years we have introduced several telecontrols based on the SIM900 GSM module. We released schematics and code for a gate opener (that activates when receiveing a call from a given nu

GSM Voice Dialer with Automation Control
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mber), a GSM thermostat to manage the temperature of remote houses with simple text messages, a remote alarm control with DTMF and, last but not least, a remote alarm with I/O and controlled via calls or SMS. Many of these tools send text messages or place phone calls in response to changes to the electrical inputs. In some cases, especially when the receiver is a human, nothing is like a voice that clearly yields you screaming fire in progress! , or thieves in the house!  etc. That`s why and also since we love things that speak (see our Voice shield for Arduino ) we decided to design a remote alarm, with text to speech capabilities and able to send DTMF commands (which allows quick and easy remote configuration). This device can be controlled by the phone keyboard and only accept calls from a defined group of numbers (8) that must be stored in the device or from any number, as long as a password is provided. Controls are there for management for output relays, inputs, as well as for some operational settings. The most attentive of you will have noticed that the schematic is missing a component, ie: the DTMF decoder where`s the mystery Well, we can do without 8870 (the decoder that always equipped our telecontrols in the past) because since few months SIM900 module can directly handle DTMF decoding. This means that all new SIM900 are able to inform the microcontroller and clearly distinguishing a DTMF two-tone from...

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