Getting more amperage from a 555 output

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A drink mixer inspired by BAR2D2, I am using a gravity fed pump that is capable of running on a 9v battery. I am using a circuit with a 555 timer to control how long the pump will run. When I hook the pump directly to the battery the pump runs perfect. When I plug it onto my circuit, I get nothing. It turns out I am not getting enough amperage to run the pump. When I put power to the circuit

Getting more amperage from a 555 output
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I want the pump to run for 4 seconds which will fill up a cup. the green LED is where I am putting the power leads that go to the pump. When I use the green LED in the circuit the circuit works perfectly. When I replace it with the pump the pump doesn`t come on. When I hook the pump to the battery the pump works. My best guess is the pump needs 2 amps to run and it is not getting that. "When I hook the pump directly to the pump the pump runs perfect" - are you sure about that Also not sure about the "pnp" tag on this question - is there a reason for that angelatlarge Apr 20 `13 at 22:57 Without a circuit diagram, any answer or comment is merely a blindfolded dart toss. So, here`s my toss: have you considered using a relay Alfred Centauri Apr 20 `13 at 23:28 @TrishaWrightBuck slow down and read what folk are saying and examine what you are telling us. For a start read what you said: "When I hook the pump directly to the pump the pump runs perfect" - this does not make sense and, trying to fathom out what you have tried without a scheme of some sort doesn`t make much sense either. Help us help you. BTW I`m not a councillor but because I like drink I`m prepared to help! Andy aka Apr 20 `13 at 23:44 @Andyaka: The OP has been unable to have a drink, hence slowing down may be difficult. We need to organize an emergency airlift of motorized drinks to the OP`s current location. angelatlarge Apr 21 `13 at 0:01 Did you use a power...

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