Glolab 4 Bit Encoder/Decoder for Wireless and Infrared

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The Glolab ED4GP microprocessor based Encoder / Decoder is designed for use with wireless modules, infrared remote controls and other devices that operate with serial input and output data. It can be used as either an encoder or a decoder by simply connecting pin 3 either low to VSS for an encoder or high to VDD for a decoder. It can encode or dec

Glolab 4 Bit Encoder/Decoder for Wireless and Infrared
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ode four bits of data and four address bits (16 addresses). When used as an encoder the encoding of data is initiated by a any or all input pins going low. When used as a decoder, either momentary or latched data outputs can be selected by connecting pin 12 either high or low. A momentary valid transmit output indicates when valid data is being received. When not encoding or decoding, the ED4GP remains in a low power mode where it draws only 1 microampere making it ideal for battery powered applications. It is powered by 5 volts and draws about 3. 5 milliamperes not including loads, when active. As an encoder it becomes active when an input pin is pulled low. As a decoder it becomes active when it receives serial data. An internal clock is generated by a 4 MHz ceramic resonator connected to pins 15 and 16 which provides accurate frequency control and therefore better serial data synchronization than the resistor controlled oscillators used in some encoders and decoders. This allows higher speed data transfer without the risk of lost data. A resonator of the type that has three pins and contains internal capacitors to minimize components is recommended for oscillator frequency control. 4 MHz Resonators are available from Digi-Key, ECS p/n X902, Panasonic p/n PX400 and Mouser, ECS p/n 520-ZTT400MG and from Glolab p/n CR4. The ED4GP can be powered with 5 volts from a battery or other power source. One ED4GP and one CR4 are...

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