High Resolution 24-bit Data Acquisition System instrument-control

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This Wildcard requires 8 Volts or greater to be present on the V+Raw power rail. The V+Raw rail should not be greater than 26 Volts. If you are using the Docking Panel or Power Dock, the V+Raw rail is connected for you. If you are not using a dock, you will need to connect V+Raw yourself. For the QCard : see QCard Appendix B. For the PDQ Board: s

High Resolution 24-bit Data Acquisition System instrument-control
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ee Appendix B Power Header. High-level software routines allow you to initialize, calibrate, configure, and control the 24/7 Data Acquisition Wildcard. Once commanded to start converting, the analog to digital converter continually samples and converts at a fixed rate. You can read the output once, or store each sequential conversion to a memory buffer. You must sample one channel at a time; changing channels requires restarting the conversion process with a different channel specified. Fig. 1 Block diagram of the high resolution data acquisition system, showing its 24-bit sigma delta analog to digital converter with digital low pass filter and programmable gain amplifier. Analog inputs and reference voltages for sensor excitation are accessed on its field header. The above figure diagrams the WildCard. Signals are taken from the Field Bus on the left. The eight inputs may be configured in four pairs, for four differential input channels, or they may be configured as seven pseudo-differential inputs with the eighth line acting as a common return. Power and reference voltages are provided to the field header for your use. You can configure the converter to use the 2. 5 volt internal reference, or to take its reference from the field header. Many sensors and measurement methods produce an output that is ratiometric; that is, an output proportional to a reference signal or that is accompanied by its own full scale reference...

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