IR Bug

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The amplified signal is fed to the melody generator via resistor R5. The output of the melody generator is fed to LM386 low-power audio amplifier (IC2) via variable resistor VR1, which works as the volume control. The loudspeaker sounds to indicate a voltage gain of 20, ` which is sufficient for this application. Capacit

IR Bug
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or C3 is used for decoupling of the positive rail and the R-C combination network comprising C4 and R7 bypasses high frequency to ground. The circuit can be easily wired on a general-purpose PCB. Pin configurations of IC LM386, transistor BC547 and melody generator UM66 are shown. principle, converts the IR signal pulse trains into noticeable aural notes. S1 is used to switch on/off mains power and LED1 indicates power on. ` Resistor R4 and zener diode ZD2 form a low-current voltage stabiliser for providing steady 5. 1V DC to the small signal preamplifier circuit. IR LED1 is the main sensing element. The IR signal detected by IR LED1 is amplified by npn transistors T1.

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