Infra/radio remote control encoder/decoder with PIC

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a general purpose remote control project with using programmable PIC microcontrollers. Schematics are shown for using infrared (RF) or radio (RF) media. If you are not familiar with microcontroller programming, you can use fixed encoder and decoder integrated circuits instead. Well-known such IC-s are Holtek HT-12D, HT-12E and Motorola MC1

Infra/radio remote control encoder/decoder with PIC
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45026, MC145027, MC145028. Remote controls usually consist of encoder/decoder parts connected to a transmitter/receiver module which takes care of the transmission of digital signals by radio or infra waves. The format of this project`s signal is designed to be ideal even for the cheapest ASK RF modules (using 50% signal/silence ratio), and it is similar to the Philips RC-5 format used in infrared remote controls. The transmitter has a varying number of buttons and sends the states of these inputs to the receiver. The receiver device decodes the message and sets the outputs accordingly. You can press at most one key at a time on the encoder, and only the code for the pressed key is sent to the decoder. This is an efficient method for general remote control The input to the encoder is the state of buttons or TTL inputs. Every input channel state is encoded into each message sent to the decoder (one bit per channel), so TTL inputs can change asynchronously, and any number and combination of buttons can be pressed and encoded, the same state is reproduced on the decoder outputs. This method is suitable for modeling AND remote control, but messages are longer. Analog channels would also be possible, but are not yet implemented Current devices have 4 or 8 channels - it means they are capable of controlling the state of 4 or 8 switched outputs. Each transmitter and receiver has an address, and the transmitter address must match...

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