Infrared proximity sensor serial Si1143 of Silicon Labs Company

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The electronic device feel the proximity which measures the user fast. But the distance that most proximity sensors survey is relatively short on the market at present, 1~10cm generally, and infrared rays LED whether multipulse mode for a long time launch infrared rays lead to the fact power consumption to be quite loud mainly, and contributed to the losses that to a great extent. Close sensorily to being

Infrared proximity sensor serial Si1143 of Silicon Labs Company
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infrared, Silicon Laboratories of U. S. A. are abbreviate as: Silicon Labs The company has put out the high sensitive infrared proximity sensor of a Si1143 on the basis of original Si1120, not only until long-range survey and the intersection of low power consumption and do well, also increase the communication interface of SMBus at the same time, take three LEDs to drive, has flexibility in employing even more. Si1143 infrared proximity sensor includes three infrared LED drivers, the infrared rays photod, it is environmental one pieces photosensor and control logic make up IC, is it external transmission LED can getting more flexible to install according to the needs of user and disposition. As shown in Fig. 1. Welcome to reprint, this text comes from the electronic fan`s network Si1143 self-carrying three infrared LEDs is driven, top management MCU can carry on functional control to it through I2C interface, received by the Built-in: infrared rays photod after LED emissive infrared rays is through being closed to objects to reflect, then carry on analog-to-digital conversion and change the mere strong signal into the digital signal, the number value after calculating compared with threshold presumed, if exceed the threshold presumed to output the interrupt signal from INT mouth for main MCU, pass the corresponding concrete operating function of software implementation. For example, the utility program of the mobile phone...

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