Interesting Wiring Schematic

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Those pickups go to their own volume controls that are push/pull so I can coil tap them, and then onto a 5 way switch before going to the jack. To make it slightly more complex though, I`d like to put in a switch that determines whether the bridge is on or not when the 5 way is in a position other than positions 4/5. Then get a super switch and do the Mike Richardson mod using

Interesting Wiring Schematic
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Master Volume, neck Tone, neck/bridge Tone with all three push/pull. One for the wiring, one for a neck phase, one as a "lead" bypass switch. MojoMonster: Currently, I set and forget the tone control so I want to avoid having a tone control where possible - I can always solder a resistor in if I find I have too much high end. hermetico: Yes, my intention was to run the volume/coil tap in series with the pickups before going to the switch. Please can you elaborate on the independent/dependant volume scenario I`ve got it in my head that the volume controls will affect the signal going to the switch. Which is what I`d like to do! So if I`ve read this correctly you want all 3 humbuckers to be individually splittable via p/p pots and each pickup will have its own volume control. This will be standard strat switching with a another switch to add the bridge pickup to positions 1, 2, and 3 I did something along the same lines to an LP, I could draw you up a diagram later if you would like As promised here is a diagram for the switching options you wanted. I also included a small circuit on the diagram to simulate the very minor tonal effects of a tone pot turned up. Even though you said you don`t use the tone control it still has an effect on the sound, albeit minor. I don`t believe the Duckbucker is RWRP, so the wiring I drew up splits the Duckbucker to the south coil as to provide hum-canceling. The neck and bridge pickups split...

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