John C. BEDINI free energy Motor/Generator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This invention is a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator and method using a regauging process for capturing available electromagnetic energy in the system. The device is comprised of a rotor with magnets of the same polarity; a timing wheel in apposition to a magnetic Hall Effect pickup switch semiconductor; and a stator

John C. BEDINI free energy Motor/Generator
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comprised of two bars connected by a permanent magnet with magnetized pole pieces at one end of each bar. There are input and output coils created by wrapping each bar with a conducting material such as copper wire. Energy from the output coils is transferred to a recovery rectifier or diode. The magnets of the rotor, which is located on a shaft along with the timing wheel, are in apposition to the magnetized pole pieces of the two bars. The invention works through a process of regauging, that is, the flux fields created by the coils is collapsed because of a reversal of the magnetic field in the magnetized pole pieces thus allowing the capture of available back EMP energy. Additional available energy may be captured and used to re-energize the battery, and/or sent in another direction to be used as work. As an alternative, the available back EMF energy may be dissipated into the system. The invention relates generally to the capturing of electromagnetic energy using a method and device to create back EMF (electromagnetic force) and re-phasing of the back EMF to recycle and capture the available back EMF energy. Back EMF is also referred to as regauging and may be defined as energy created by the magnetic field from coils, and only by coils, and not by magnets. Operation of a normal magnetic motor has the rotor pole attracting the stator pole, resulting in the generation of power from the magnets to the rotor and flywheel....

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