Joule Ringer 3

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

14 watt equivalent light with just 1. 2 watts input. No, the light will be brighter and brighter as you approach the watt rating of the CFL bulb. What`s remarkable is that this circuit can light this CFL at very low voltage or higher too. A dimmable CFL is hard to do usually. Lets say you run a solar charged battery and the battery is run down a bit. The light will still come on. Try that with an ordinary 12/120 volt inverter!

Joule Ringer 3
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p. s. - take your time and really make sure the transistor is oriented correctly. and that all other wires are placed correctly. You may want to mark on some paper around the transistor what goes where. Its so easy to get something backwards and you`ll blow the transistor, or it wont work. Once you get it working notice the effect of your hand near the coil near the top vs bottom. Hold an LED by one end and notice where it lights. Try some AV plugs with LED or another CFL. Fun, fun, fun ! As long as the primary goes end to end on the secondary I don`t notice any tuning at all, or much difference how many turns the primary is. That may affect volts vs amps though. Yes, volts x amps = watts Interesting thing about reverse biasing a transistor - power is 2-3 times less than rated max so you wont ever burn them up on 12 volts. That is what I am seeing with my little 2N2222 which can handle 680 ma. I am seeing 200-225 ma. I don`t know if it is possible but I will try paralleling two primary coils, two transistors on the one secondary. I don`t know if they will synchronize or if the bias voltage/current will be split and result in the same power output anyway, but I have the room on the coil for another primary, and I can just plug in another transistor. LaserSaber used two primaries on his Super Joule ringer and left one unconnected. LaserSaber also notes that the circuit self adjusts to load so maybe the transistors in parallel...

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