LED Brake/Rear Light Specifically for motorcycles Circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

LEDs are used more and more in motor vehicles, replacing the standard incandescent lamps because they are more energy efficient and have a much longer life expectancy. In this article we describe a simple LED tail light that has been specifically designed for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. There appears to be a significant need among motorcycli

LED Brake/Rear Light Specifically for motorcycles Circuit diagram
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sts for rear lights with LEDs, as evidenced by the many messages on this topic that turn up in various internet forums. The circuits that accompany these messages are often very rudimentary and therefore not very robust. After reading some of the literature concerning the use of LEDs in motor vehicles, it appears that the most common reason why LEDs still fail is the incorrect and/or insufficient use of series resistors. In poorly implemented circuits there are often a number of LEDs connected in parallel which are all fed from a single series resistor. Because of small variations between LEDs, one LED can quickly give up the ghost. This causes an increase in current through the remaining LEDs and can easily lead to a domino effect, ultimately resulting in the failure of the entire circuit. With high-intensity LEDs, a small variation in current is immediately obvious as a large variation in light output. This has to be taken into account when designing a circuit. This is important because when the engine rev speed goes up, the on-board voltage increases significantly. It would appear that you were braking when you actually opened the throttle instead. LEDs need mainly a constant current. That is why most circuits choose to drive LEDs from a constant-current source. This circuit has been designed to operate both as a motorcycle rear light and as a brake light. This requires two different currents. Because the voltages...

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