LED outline display control unit cipher scheme on the basis of the one-chip computer

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

LED guard-rail tube has another name called beautifully the tube, it is a kind of advanced LED decorative illumination lamp decoration products. Use LED of red, green, blue 3 kinds of colors as the light source, has used microelectronics and digital technology, can chase color, the transition gradation zone of color, gradation change and seven color changes, can produce very

LED outline display control unit cipher scheme on the basis of the one-chip computer
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abundant result of fluctuating of color. The appearance of this product adopts one step formed, it is an organic whole that modulator tubes and bases are muddy, waterproofing is better, the weight is lighter. Extensively suitable for various large-scale building decorations such as the bar, dance hall, mansion, square, bridge, railing, the whole colored picture tube can realize the group control of the light and reveal the dynamic program in a broad area, suitable large-scale theme night scene. Have proposed LED outline display screen solution of a master slaver mode one-chip computer in the article, this cipher scheme utilizes STC one-chip computer autogenous FLASH ROM and RAM, the outside does not need any storage circuit, the circuit is simple in construction. Can realize, reveal, drive LED to brighten varied the intersection of LED and the intersection of guard-rail and tube and pointolite device in the market at present while being alternating current synchronous. The STC series one-chip computer is the one-chip computer of the clock of single machine cycle that the macrocrystalline science and technology produces, 8051 one-chip computers of a new generation, the fully compatible tradition 8051 of the code repertoire that it is the high speed, low power consumption, superstrong and antijamming, but 8~12 times faster. Internal integrated the intersection of MAX810 and specialized reset circuit, direct against electric...

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