LEGO robotics

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

A dual-RCX, six motor dog. Slashdot Review. Cindy Salwen pointed out a description of the protocol for the serial interface between the computer and the Dacta Control lab. This may or may not be related to the protocol used by the RCX, but if you`re reading this page, it`s probably interesting information anyway. She also contributes another URL: National Instruments (LabVIEW) pages. Robolab is available for sale from Pitsco.

LEGO robotics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Fred Martin, arguably the father of the RCX (well, given that LEGO redesigned the Programmable Brick from the ground up for production reasons, the *grand*father), has a page on LEGO MINDSTORMS. Kekoa Proudfoot says "toast that warranty!" He took apart his RCX and took some pictures of the inside of it. He also looked up the numbers for some of the chips. Peter Ljungstrand bought a CyberMaster kit, disassembled the main unit, and took pictures. Dave Baum says that RCX to RCX communication is pretty simple. There`s a low level command in the RCX to send a message which contains a single 8 bit number as payload (plus the protocol "wrapper"). The RCX also remembers the last "message" it has seen, and this value can be used to make decisions. Pretty basic stuff, but still enough to do some reasonable things. Dave also talks about the various LEGO motors. The motors that come with MS are the 5225 Gear Motor. Such motors may be purchased at LEGO Shop at Home. Philippe Hurbain has compared Lego 9 volt motors. Jim Studt built a public Magic 8 Ball. Enter your question and press the Ask button, and you see a video of an RCX spinning the 8 ball, along with the final answer that floats to the top. Doug Carlson has a four-wheel synchro robot which can move in any direction. He uses two angle sensors (available from Pitsco/Dacta), and can make it move in a perfect square. Alex Wetmore built a robotic platform using the plans for the...

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