Light dimmer controller desk

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This circuit is a very simple manual analogue light controlling desk which outputs standard 0-10V control signals suitable for controlling professional light dimmers and other lighting equipments. The output of the controller shall be a steady DC voltage varying between 0 and 10V. 0V represents off condition and 10V is full on. Passive controllers

Light dimmer controller desk
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, with unbuffered outputs, shall use potentiometers with a resistance value of 10K ohms or less. This circuit uses 1 kohm for good performance and low output impedance. It is recommended that controllers and output devices have current limiting on all outputs such that they are not damaged by short circuits to signal common. The control signal and all control connector pins shall be isolated from AC mains (line and neutral). It is encouraged that the control signal be isolated from earth ground. The short circuit protection in this circuit is provided in case when the power supply powering this circuit has limited output current capability. The control signals are fully isolated in this design. ESTA E1. 3, Entertainment Technology - Lighting Control System - 0 to 10V Analog Control Protocol, Draft 9 June 1997 (CP/97-1003r1) describes also that controllers and output devices shall be provided with a blocking diode (or similar circuit) such that each output presents an open circuit to any source voltage of more than itself. The blocking diodes allow multiple controllers or outputs to be paralled to control the same dimmers or receivers on a "highest takes precedence" basis. My design does not include those blocking diodes bacause I did not feel that parallelling of many controllers was necessary in the simple applications where I planned to use this controller. If you need to parallel multiple controllers then you can add the...

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