M66T Melody Generator diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is the very simple way to play a song with single 1. 5 battery. You can build this circuit for gift acceccories. When the gift opened, then a song will be played. It`s easy and cheap right. :D. It just use a single small chip which will generate a song which already planted inside. This is a really simple sound effect generator based single

M66T Melody Generator diagram
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sound generator chip UM3561. The UM3561 will generate four kinds of sound effects. The basic operation is that the UM3561 will generate the sound signal, then the signal delivered to 2N3706 (as speaker driver) to be amplified so you can hear the sound from a. This is the schematic diagram of Western music generator circuit based on single IC HT82207. This circuit is able to take you towards the world of the Wild West. The western music already programmed in the chip. It utilizes the integrated 18-pin HT82207 (IC1) of Holtek, which literally takes care of almost everything. You`ve to. This is a sound generator based on timer IC 555. A flip-flop circuit is included, so this circuit will give sound output and blinking LED. Components: Resistors: R1, R7_ 470 © R2_ 1k © R3_ 68 © R4, R6_ 56k © R5_ 47k © R8, R9_ 10k © VR1_ 200 © Potentiometer Capacitors: C1, C2, C3_ 10 F/16V C4, C5_ 0. 02 F (20nF) C6_. The following diagram is the Clock Generator circuit diagram which build based on NAND Gate logic IC. You may use IC 7400 or 4011 for this circuit. The 7400 is a TTL type, while 4011 is CMOS type. IC 4011 is cheaper than 7400 but the 7400 is faster than 4011. Circuit Notes: Excellent clock. This is really a very simple home telephone ring tone generator circuit which is built with applying only several electronic components / parts. It generates simulated telephone ring tone and requires only DC supply with 4. 5V DC to 12V DC...

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