MSX Super Turbo

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The electronic circuit described below can switch the clock signal of a Z80 CPU between 2 different sources. This can be used to make a turbo circuit in a Z80-based system. It was originally designed for use in MSX computers, but is probably suited for use in other systems as well. Its main advantage over similar circuits, is the ability to switch

MSX Super Turbo
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between totally independent clock sources. This description is provided for reference purposes only: I consider this circuit completely outdated (regardless of how well it works) because there would be much better ways to construct a Z80 turbo circuit these days. It`s just that it never was a priority for me to update this circuit using currently available parts/technology - I leave that to other interested parties. Also the hardware/software environment, and typical use cases, have changed significantly since this design was made. Which (IMHO) makes most reasons for upgrading a Z80-based system questionable. But there appear to be still some people interested in doing such upgrades, and I have no problem with providing info. This page was mirrored in other locations, but seems to have disappeared from the web recently (or hard to find). Therefore I decided to re-upload it. To make it clear: I have not built these circuits for a looonng time, and don`t plan to! Nor am I selling circuit boards, kits or parts. Or soldering these things into MSX computers. I just provide this info - enabling you to find out how it works, Do-It-Yourself, have someone else do it, or base an improved design on it. It cannot make an MSX run faster in all circumstances; that a Z80 inside the MSX is capable of running faster, does not imply that you can let it run faster, nor does it mean the rest of the computer will work faster as well. It was...

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