Manage the application of the chip in high-performance linear lithium battery charge

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

CN3052A/CN3052B/CN3056 the high-performance linear lithium battery charge manages the chip. Integrate power tube within these devices, do not need sense resistor and choked flow diode of external electric current, only need few peripheral components and parts, and accord with USB bus line technical regulation, it is the battery charge of lithium t

Manage the application of the chip in high-performance linear lithium battery charge
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o pass USB port, is very suitable for walkie products such as various chargers and MP4 player, bluetooth earphone, digital camera, etc. Fig. 1 is a typical application circuit diagram. Fig. 2 is the internal functional block diagram of CN3052A/CN3052B/CN3056, the base pin function of the chip is shown in Table 1. Heat modulator circuit can power consumption in device great or under the the intersection of ambient temperature and high situation the intersection of chip and temperature control in safety range, benefit the customer`s system design. Modulate the output voltage as 4. 2V, the precision is up to 1%; The charging current can be adjusted through a external resistance. As the input voltage is overlow or power down, CN3052A/CN3052B/CN3056 enters the standby mode of low power consumption automatically, the current consumption of the battery is smaller than 3uA at this moment. Fig. 3 is the charging up synoptic diagram of CN3052A/CN3052B/CN3056. Greater than power low-voltage, measure threshold value and chip, make can input the high level of head joint into, as input voltage, CN3052A/CN3052B/CN3056 begins the battery charge correctly, CHRG base pin exports the low level, shows that charges going on. If the battery voltage is lower than 3V, precharge the battery with the trickle with charger. When the battery voltage exceeds 3V, the charger adopts the constant current mode to battery charge, the charging current is by...

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